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Custom Designed Storyboxes

Sherry's box was designed as a 60th birthday surprise for her. With the help of her husband, we collected information about her through email from her friends in San Francisco where they live. Sherry's a warm, open, generous soul who works for an exotic pet vet, has a parrot-sitting business and some of her own, and loves to laugh! We designed a colorful ceramic box filled with phrases and meaningful personal symbols and then shipped it off to California. We hear it was a big hit! Click on the images for a larger view. Use your brower back button to return to this page.

Alice's box was designed as an 80th birthday surprise with the help of her two sons and other family members. It was presented during her birthday party with a request that guests write down both wishes and memories for her and place them in the box. During the party, her son gathered everyone in a circle and their sentiments and stories that they wrote and others that they added were shared. She keeps the cards in the "memory storybox" on her coffee table.

Sherry's Box right side
Sherry's Box front
Sherry's Box left side
Sherry's Box back
Sherry's Box inside
Alice's Box side
Alice's Box top and front


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