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Stoneharp Sculpture

Stoneharp Studios is a collaborative undertaking of artists Amy Komar and Ron Kalinoski.

Amy has been mostly painting since 1964. Although she'll use any form available to tell a story, the last two years she has focused on ceramic art. Ron is a sculptor and ceramic artist. Ron is known best for his ceramic drums and raku, which is how he earned the name Raku Ron.

shadows of amy and ron

Amy and Ron spend as much time as possible hiking in the woods. We found our name stoneharp from a natural sculpture Ron built that lives somewhere in the woods of upstate new york where he occasionally restores its natural beauty for all who happen to see. We thought that because it was connected to something so sacred that it would be a good namesake for our life's work.

We belong to the Syracuse Ceramic Guild. We also both have long associations with Syracuse University.

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