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Black & Tan Covered Jar




Below are samples of the vessels that we produce. Please follow the links to see details of each type:

Covered Jars- Visit our Covered Jar page for details of Ron's latest series.

Vases: See section dedicated to Vases for your flowers

Covered Box: This is one-of-a-kind - see below only

Double-Wall Raku Vessels: a special section devoted to this very challenging art form (coming soon).

  Covered Jar No. 1 Covered Jar No. 2 Covered Jar No. 3 (more details here)
Black & Tan Vase
Black & Tan Vase 2 (more details on vases here)

Black & Tan Vase
12" H x 6" D$75

Black & Tan Vase 2
10" H x 7" D $75

  Fluted Green Vase Classic Blue & Green Vase
  Fluted Bronze Green Vase
11.5"H x 8"D $75
Classic Blue-Green Vase
10"H x 7"D $75
Blue-Green Vase Altered
10.5"H x 5"D $75
  Fluted Green Vase    
  Black-Bronz Covered Box
6"H $110



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